Rzeznicza Street is one of the most prestigious and beautiful streets
in Wroclaw. Located just 100 meters from Wroclaw Market Square, Rzeznicza Street is famous for its architectural beauty and its heritage
as a finance centre. It continues to be the street of choice for many banks and prestige companies.

Convenient public transport links as well as the proximity of numerous transport routes guarantees a fast commute to every part of the city:

  • 15 minutes to international airport
  • 5 minutes to main railway station

The town centre is the vibrant heart of the city and offers a plentitude of culture, entertainment and nightlife. It offers close access to Wroclaw Multiplex ‘Helios’ cinema, the philharmonic hall, the opera house, the Polish Theatre as well as Wroclaw’s Contemporary Theater. After work one can relax in one of the bars or clubs in the Market Square or nearby streets.

map of wroclaw
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