Wroclaw is a dynamic cosmopolitan centre at the forefront of change
in the “new” Europe.

As the capital of the province of Lower Silesia and Poland’s fourth largest city, Wroclaw is
a strong economic, scientific and cultural centre. Amongst other factors that enhance the attractiveness of Wroclaw are:

  • Population of more than 630,000
  • Situated strategically between Prague, Warsaw and Berlin, boasts a developed transportation infrastructure that connects the metropolis with the whole of the continent and beyond
  • Educated people who command many foreign languages; hard-working, ambitious; open to change and innovation
  • Classified in first position in the category of ‘Development Management’ and achieved
    a high rating of A- by the rating agency Fitch
  • Wroclaw ranks second only to Warsaw as a financial services centre
  • Place where five nationwide banks have established their headquarters: BZ WBK, BWE Bank, Lukas Bank, Eurobank, Santander Consumers Bank
  • The potential of the local market recognized by world leaders such as Capgemini, Siemens, Volvo, Hewlett Packard, Google and KPIT Cummins, chose the city to launch cutting-edge software design centers.

With a history reaching back one thousand years, Wroclaw is a place where the heritage of the past intertwines with the modernity of a dynamic business center.

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